MainBoss Testimonials

MainBoss is a great tool for getting work out to the employees in a fast and efficient manner.

Pam Graves, Facilities Service Dept., St. Albert Protestant Schools

Fiscal Accountability and Performance Measurement is what it's all about. I've found both in my MainBoss CMMS.

Rich Daniels, Maintenance Superintendent, Con Cast Pipe Ltd.

This software is extremely user-friendly and meets our current needs. As with most software, MainBoss has continuously updated their programming over the years in order to stay ahead of customer requirements and has provided excellent training on request. The technical support group is extremely knowledgeable and has been able to resolve any issues we have encountered over the past several years in a timely, efficient manner.

Judith Costello, Office Administrator, Rideau Centre, Ottawa ON

Some of the folks that use MainBoss here wouldn't turn it loose unless you pried it from their dead stiff fingers. (Well, maybe not THAT bad, but they love its speed and simplicity!)

Bruce D. Meyer, CCNA, MCSE, City of Columbia, SC

The reporting system is irreplaceable...the ability to track labor & material costs for future reference is phenomenal.

Pam Graves, Facilities Service Dept., St. Albert Protestant Schools

Thank God for MainBoss, as our business has become very busy development, leasing and it is important that maintenance is moving along the right track and so far so good!

Lin Fischer, CMCA, AMS, Vice President of Facilities and Real Estatate Services, SC Management Company, Inc.

Our college is experiencing terrific growth—and with it comes many new demands on our Facility Services Department. Thanks to your MainBoss CMMS and technical support staff, we are keeping up with the changes.

With MainBoss, we can track our parts inventory, perform scheduled preventive maintenance, and keep labor records easily. The campus has doubled in size and our staff has grown past forty employees since we began using MainBoss—I can't imagine trying to keep all of our activities organized without the aid of this software. It has been a complete success for us!

Kenneth R. Hall, Facilities Service Dept., Patrick Henry College

Today, a lot of database driven apps are so code heavy and cumbersome, it is quite inefficient to use due to the lag of retrieving data on all but the most high performance systems. With MainBoss, the application is written to do what it needs to do, and return the data quickly, using a truly simple to master interface.

Bruce D. Meyer, CCNA, MCSE, City of Columbia, SC

We went online with MainBoss March 1, 2000, and are absolutely delighted by how easy our lives have become. We have a bare bones staff, and we can't afford to have someone devoted to software full time. MainBoss has completely surpassed our expectations with its ease and simplicity.

Dave Gilmore, Systems Supervisor, Physical Plant Services, Oklahoma Baptist University

We enjoy using MainBoss—it's very user friendly and dependable. Support is great and always willing to help. I've used other Facility Management programs and MainBoss is far better to operate and use on a daily basis.

Chris Finger, Southeastern Facility Management, Inc., Columbus, GA

Thinkage Support staff is patient, helpful, and friendly.

Pam Graves, Facilities Service Dept., St. Albert Protestant Schools

This is one of the best customer support teams that I have encountered in my 10 years of IT experience. You should all get raises for the kindness and professionalism you all have shown.

Kevin Armstrong, Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee, OK

Our system is working very well and all are learning more every day. The system is very valuable to our business and a genuine asset!!!!!!

Jerry Goad, Babcock Center, Columbia, SC

After implementing various CMMS applications for over 20 years, we have never found a system so simple and powerful to use, yet still affordable.

Roger Davies, MainBoss Dealer and President of The Da-trol Group