Web Facilities

MainBoss. supports two web-based modules which can be licensed together or separately:

Important: There are so many different types of cell phones and other mobile devices that we cannot test which ones do or don't work with MainBoss. Furthermore, cell phone service providers sometimes meddle with web transmissions (e.g. by adding advertisements) or else set up connections in ways that prevent devices from using their full capabilities.

Therefore, we cannot list which devices or service providers are suitable for use with MainBoss. If you wish to determine the suitability of a particular device connected through a particular service provider, we would be happy to set up a site that you can use for testing. Contact info@mainboss.com for assistance.

Sample Web Pages

We have prepared sample web pages to illustrate what you would see on a MainBoss web site (i.e. a web site that you create in order to use MainBoss's Web Access and/or Web Requests modules).

These pages are intended to demonstrate the "look and feel" of the software. However, they don't actually interact with MainBoss software; they're merely simulations. If you wish to see the real software in action, please arrange a demonstration by contacting info@mainboss.com or by filling out the online form.

Note: Some of the sample pages ask for you to enter a login name, a password, or an e-mail address. Since the pages are just mock-ups, anything you enter will be accepted.

Click below to see the sample pages. For proper display, you must have Javascript enabled in your web browser.

Demonstration Web Pages