See a quick scenario showing exactly how CMMS saves you time, effort, and money.

Does your company understand the real benefits of CMMS? You're probably familiar with how accounting software helps your organization manage cash flows, pay suppliers and employees, and collect accounts receivable. Accounting software also provides management with important information to make better strategic decisions.

Just as accounting systems help manage the financial activities of your organization, maintenance management software provides your organization with the means to manage maintenance effectively. CMMS gives you the ability to capture information and make powerful decisions about the valuable assets of your organization, whether those assets are production equipment or rooms in a facility.

More specifically, CMMS provides you with the ability to do the following:

Effectively Plan Maintenance Functions
CMMS lets you take control of maintenance functions in your organization, giving you the freedom to move maintenance activities out of crisis mode and into planning mode.

Improve Productivity
CMMS improves your organization's productivity by maximizing equipment uptime and keeping assets in peak operating condition. This reduces unplanned downtime and demand maintenance. Work efficiency is also achieved through better scheduling of maintenance staff.

Lower Overall Operating Costs
CMMS lets you control and lower maintenance department costs. You gain significant savings by preventing expensive repairs before they occur and improving the efficiency of routine maintenance tasks. And because you don't stop paying employees when equipment isn't functioning, preventing downtime also delivers lower operating costs.

Keep On Top of Legal Obligations and Liability
CMMS can remind you of inspections and preventive maintenance chores that are required by law. For example, facility management personnel may have the legal obligation to perform regular upkeep on various types of equipment (elevators, fire prevention systems, medical equipment, etc.). CMMS can make sure you know when maintenance is required, can keep reminding you until the work is actually done, and can preserve records proving that the necessary maintenance was completed. In this way, CMMS can protect your organization against lawsuits and other potential risks.

Some experts believe that new U.S. laws on accounting practices—particularly the Sarbanes-Oxley Act—make it mandatory to keep extensive records about all aspects of business, including maintenance activities. A CMMS may help your maintenance department satisfy such regulatory requirements.

Extend Equipment Life
When you maintain equipment with proper inspections and preventive maintenance, it doesn't have to be replaced as often. Extending the life of expensive equipment saves your organization money.

Reduce Insurance Premiums
Many insurance companies have recognized that proper use of a CMMS reduces the chance of costly insurance claims. Your facilities are safer because maintenance work gets done promptly and reliably. Your equipment suffers fewer malfunctions; preventive maintenance inspections can spot potential dangers before they actually cause trouble. For this reason, insurers may reduce the premiums of organizations that use a CMMS.

Record and Store Valuable Information
Perhaps the greatest utility of CMMS is its ability to provide you with relevant information regarding maintenance functions. For example, CMMS can alert your organization to under-performing equipment or spaces, labor inefficiencies and reasons for production outages. This type of information lets you make better and more accountable decisions about maintenance functions in your organization.

CMMS - An Important Business Opportunity
Clearly, CMMS is an important business opportunity that can markedly improve operations, increase accountability for maintenance functions and yield substantial financial benefits.

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