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A receipt records the contents of a shipment from a vendor. Receipts may also record the receipt of services from a vendor (e.g. when an outside contractor does work for you).

Receipts occur in response to a specific purchase order. If a single shipment contains items specified by several different purchase orders, you should break the shipment up into multiple receipts: one for each original purchase order. For more on purchase orders, see Purchase Orders.

Whenever you receive a shipment, you should start a new receipt record using Purchase Orders | Receipts. Each receipt needs an identifier called the waybill number or simply the waybill. The receipt also has line items listing the goods and/or services that were delivered. Each receipt line item should refer back to a line item in an existing purchase order, indicating where the good/service was originally ordered.

For information on viewing receipts, see Viewing Receipts. For more on creating and editing receipts, see Editing Receipts.

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