Editing Receipts

This help file applies to an out-of-date version of MainBoss.
The most recent version of MainBoss is MainBoss 4.2.4.
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A receipt describes goods and/or services that you've received from a vendor. To create a receipt, go to Purchase Orders | Receipts and click the New Receipt button. This opens a window that contains the following:

Details section: Basic information about the receipt.

Entry Date: The date/time when the goods and/or services were received. By default, this is set to the current date/time.

Purchase Order: The purchase order to which this receipt is responding. For more on purchase orders, see Purchase Orders.

Purchase Order Vendor: A read-only field giving the vendor associated with "Purchase Order".

Waybill: A brief code identifying this receipt.

Reference: Any reference number that might be associated with the actual shipment (e.g. vendor's delivery code).

Description: A more detailed description of the shipment.

Comments: Any comments you want to record in connection with this shipment.

Receipt Activity section: Lists the goods and/or services that you received. Each line in the list refers to a separate item or service.

Receive: Opens a window to record the receipt of the selected line item. The line item may be an inventory item, an outside labor expense, or a miscellaneous item.

Correct: Lets you change an existing receipt entry. Clicking the button opens an appropriate window that gives you the opportunity to change what was previously recorded. For more, see Correcting Receive Item Entries.

Edit: This drop-down button offers several possible actions:

Edit: Opens an editor window to let you edit the selected record.

View: Opens an editor window where you can examine the selected record.

Search: Searches the list for a specific entry.

Refresh: Updates the list to reflect any recent changes.

Save: Saves the receipt. The editor window stays open in case you want to make more changes.

Save & New: Saves the receipt and sets up the window for you to enter a new receipt. Fields in the new receipt will be blank or set to default values.

Save & Close: Saves the receipt and closes the editor window.

Cancel: Closes the window without saving any changes you've made to the record since the last time you saved. When you Save the record, the Cancel button changes to Close, indicating that you can safely close the window without losing any changes.

Close: Closes the window. This button only appears after you've saved changes with Save or before you've entered any data at all. Otherwise, the button is labeled Cancel.

For general information on receipts, see Receipts. For information on purchase orders, see Purchase Orders. For information on viewing receipts, see Viewing Receipts. For a description of editors in general, see Using Editors.

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