Coding Definitions

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In the control panel, the entries under Coding Definitions let you describe basic aspects of your maintenance operations. For example, you can define units of measure used by your department (e.g. pounds and feet or kilograms and meters).

Categories: Many coding definitions let you categorize your maintenance activities and assets. For example, work categories let you classify the type of work done in work orders; you might use categories like electrical, plumbing, housekeeping, vehicle repair, and so on. These categories can then be used to organize reports—you can find out how much time and resources you spend on each work category, helping you to analyze your costs and make informed decisions.

Categories can also make it easier to find information. For example, you can categorize your vendors (suppliers) by the type of materials you purchase from them. Then you can ask MainBoss to list information on just the electrical suppliers or just your outside contractors.

Different organizations will set up different categories—it all depends on how you want to analyze and categorize various aspects of your operations.

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