Unit Usages

This help file applies to an out-of-date version of MainBoss.
The most recent version of MainBoss is MainBoss 4.2.4.
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Unit usage codes let you classify units according to their use. This provides yet another way to organize units for the purposes of reports.

Conversion Usage Codes: Usage codes serve a special purpose if you convert an old database from MainBoss Basic into the new form of MainBoss Advanced. Usage codes will tell whether MainBoss Basic considered the unit a piece of equipment or a space. Usage codes are also used to mark equipment that was marked obsolete in MainBoss Basic.

Whether or not your database was created by converting a MainBoss Basic database, usage codes offer one more option for organizing your units.

For information on viewing usage codes, see Viewing Usage Codes. For information on creating and editing usage codes, see Editing Usage Codes. For information on printing usage codes, see Printing Usage Codes.

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