Task Specializations

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The most recent version of MainBoss is MainBoss 4.2.4.
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A task specialization is a specialized version of another task. For example, suppose you have a standard Oil Change task which describes a standard oil change. However, the oil change for a particular vehicle might require a different type of oil, extra inspection operations, or other differences from the standard. In this case, you can create a task specialization based on the original Oil Change task. The specialization states ways in which the special job differs from the original. The following rules control what happens when a work order is generated from a task specialization:

A task specialization can be used wherever a task can. For example, you can schedule a specialized task in the same way that you schedule a basic task. Similarly, you can create a specialization of a specialization.

In the Tasks viewer and other viewers, tasks and specializations are shown using a map similar to a location map. Specializations are shown under and indented from their base tasks.

For information on creating and editing task specializations, see Editing Task Specializations.

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