Storeroom Assignments

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Storeroom assignment records specify where specific items may be stored. In addition, these records specify control information for the storage locations.

For example, a storeroom assignment record might refer to a storage location like "Bin 3 in Storeroom 1". The record specifies which item is stored there, as well as other information such as the maximum quantity that should be stored in that location and the minimum amount you always want to keep on hand. In other words, a storeroom assignment record specifies:

If the same type of item is stored in several locations, you must have a storeroom assignment for each place.

When you reserve materials for use in a job, you specify a storeroom assignment record, not just the item itself. In other words, you don't just reserve any item of the required type, you reserve specific items in specific locations. This ensures that you know where to get the materials you need, and that someone else doesn't use them first.

Note: A storeroom assignment record does not specify the actual quantity of an item that's currently in a particular location. It simply states where items of a particular type are allowed to be stored. For example, a storeroom assignment could say "Item X may be stored in Bin Y." The assignment does not state the current quantity. However, you can use a physical count to record information about the quantity in a particular location. For more, see Recording Physical Counts.

Permanent vs. Temporary Storage Locations: Storeroom assignments deal with permanent storage locations, as opposed to temporary storage locations. Temporary storage locations are used in the short term to store materials before and during a specific job; permanent storage locations are used in the long term to store materials that might be used in any job. For more on temporary storage locations, see Temporary Storage Locations.

For information on viewing storeroom assignments, see Viewing Storeroom Assignments. For information on creating and editing storeroom assignments, see Editing Storeroom Assignments. For more on printing storeroom assignments, see Printing Storeroom Assignments.

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