Spare Parts

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A spare part is an inventory item that has been designated as spare parts for one of more units. Identifying spare parts is useful for any workers sent to do work on the unit—they can check to see what they might need before they head out to the job site.

For example, suppose you get a report that a fluorescent light is out in a particular room. You can check in advance to see what kind of bulb is used in that room, so that you don't have to make two trips.

You don't have to record every part used by every unit. However, the more information you do record, the better prepared your workers can be when going out to a job.

Before you can record that a unit uses a particular spare part, you must have a record for the unit in your Units table and a record for the spare part in your Items table. (For more, see Units and Inventory Item Records.) There are several ways to record the parts information:

For information on viewing spare parts, see Viewing Spare Parts. For information on creating and editing spare parts records, see Editing Spare Parts Information. For information on printing spare part records, see Printing Spare Parts.

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