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The most recent version of MainBoss is MainBoss 4.2.4.
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A requestor is someone who is authorized to submit work requests directly to the maintenance department. This may be someone in another department of your organization or a customer served by your organization.

Before adding someone to the requestor list, you should create a record for that person in the Contacts list—you record the person's contact information first, then specify that the person is an authorized requestor. For more on contacts, see Contacts.

Licensing Requestors: Your MainBoss Requests Service license will specify the maximum number of entries allowed to receive acknowledgements in the Requestors list.

Some companies choose to reduce licensing costs by not tracking individual requestors. For example, your Requestors list could contain a few specific people and an entry for Other that you use for requests from anyone else. By writing up requests from Other, you save money on your license, but you lose the ability to track requests by requestors. Even if you record the actual requestor's name in the request's "Comments" field, you lose a lot of convenience—you can't sort/print/analyze your requests by requestor name, and it becomes difficult to search for a request from a specific requestor.

For information on viewing requestors, see Viewing Requestor Records. For information on creating and editing requestor records, see Editing Requestor Records. For information on printing requestor records, see Printing Requestor Records.

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