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Relationships specify connections between pairs of units or between a unit and a contact person. Here are some examples:

When you create a relationship record, you specify two English phrases for what the relationship means. For example, a relationship between a unit and a contact person might say that:

You define relationships in Coding Definitions | Relationships. For example, you might set up a relationship record with the phrases is leased by and leases, and give that relationship record the identification code Unit Leasing. With any particular unit, you could then state that the unit has the defined relationship with one or more contact people.

The relationships of a unit are listed in the Related section of the unit's record. Similarly, the relationships of a person are listed in the Related section of the contact record. Each unit and each contact person may be related to any number of units. They may have the same relationship with multiple units, and they may have different relationships with the same unit.

There are currently the following types of relationships:

For information on viewing relationship records, see Viewing Relationship Records. For printing relationship records, see Printing Relationship Records.

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