MainBoss Modules

This help file applies to an out-of-date version of MainBoss.
The most recent version of MainBoss is MainBoss 4.2.4.
For the latest version of this help file can be found here.

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MainBoss consists of a number of modules. You can pick and choose which modules you want, licensing only the modules that you actually intend to use.

Modules are controlled by license keys. If you do not have a license key for a particular module, information related to that module will not be displayed in the MainBoss control panel or in MainBoss windows. For example, if you do not license the MainBoss Service module, you will not see Administration | MainBoss Service in the control panel.

Below we list MainBoss's modules and give an overview of what MainBoss features are associated with the module.

The MainBoss module
Supports work orders and units. It lets you track the materials you use on work orders, but does not provide inventory control (e.g. where specific items are stored in your storerooms). It also lets you track labor by your own employees and by outside contractors.

Your MainBoss module license specifies how many users can appear in the Users table (Administration | Users).

All other modules require the MainBoss module.
The Planned Maintenance module
Adds facilities for automatically creating planned maintenance work orders (e.g. inspections and preventive maintenance jobs). Planned maintenance can be scheduled by date or by meter reading.
The Inventory module
Adds the ability to track the location of materials in storerooms. This includes the ability to specify maximum and minimum quantities desired for each item in each storeroom, plus facilities for taking physical inventory and tracking item prices.
The Purchasing module
Adds facilities for creating purchase orders and tracking the receipt of ordered items. Purchase orders can include the cost of materials, outside contractors, and miscellaneous expenses.
The MainBoss Requests module
Supports work requests. As noted in Basic Terminology, a request is a simple problem report that might be written up by a help-desk.
The MainBoss Service module
[Requires the MainBoss Requests module] Provides a facility that automatically processes work requests submitted by email. This module also emails out notifications to assignees when a new history record is created for a request, work order or purchase order.
The Accounting module
Adds a facility that creates accounting records of a form that may be useful in connection with accounting software. At present, however, MainBoss has no facilities for integrating MainBoss accounting records with any other accounting package.

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