Existing Maintenance Organizations

This help file applies to an out-of-date version of MainBoss.
The most recent version of MainBoss is MainBoss 4.2.4.
For the latest version of this help file can be found here.

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You can add an existing organization to your list of maintenance organizations by clicking Add Existing Organization in the Maintenance Organization window (see Your Maintenance Organization List). MainBoss opens a window where you can specify database information:

The person who originally created the database should tell you what values to enter in "Database Server" and "Database Name" below.

Database Server: The network location of the SQL Server through which you will access the database. For more information, see the Installation and Administration Guide.

If you click the accompanying "..." button, MainBoss displays a list of database servers that are known to your Windows system. There may be additional servers that you can use but that Windows doesn't currently know about. For more, see The Database Server List.

Database Name: The name of the database, as known to the SQL Server. The name must be the name given to the database when it was created. If you click the accompanying "..." button, MainBoss displays the names of all MainBoss databases managed by the specified "Database Server". (For more, see The Database Name List.)

Organization Name: A name that you personally will use for this database. By default, this will be the organization name that was specified by whoever created the database. You may, however, change "Organization Name" to any other value for your own convenience. Changing your own version of "Organization Name" will not affect anyone else who uses the database.

Make browsers smaller by not showing details for selected record by default: If you checkmark this box, MainBoss will automatically hide the details panel when displaying table viewers in this database. For more, see Hiding the Details for a Selected Record. Note that you can still ask MainBoss to display the details panel for a particular table by pressing the button for displaying details.

Preferred Mode: The default mode in which this database should be opened. If you do not specify a mode explicitly, the database will be opened in the given mode. For more on modes, see Your Maintenance Organization List.

OK: Adds the specified database to your list. MainBoss attempts to access the specified database and add it to your list of known databases.

Cancel: Closes the window without adding any database.

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