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The employees table is a list of your employees. When you want to add someone to your employee list, you must create a contact record for that person first (specifying contact information for the person). Then you create an employee record that refers to the contact record. For more on contacts, see Contacts.

Employee records typically have one or more associated hourly inside records. An hourly inside record tells the hourly rate for the employee on a particular type of job. Often, an employee will only have one associated hourly rate record ("Pat is a licensed electrician, and we pay all our licensed electricians $X an hour"). However, some employees may have multiple records ("When Pat works on electrician jobs we pay $X an hour, but for other types of jobs we pay $Y an hour"). For more on hourly inside records, see Hourly Inside.

For information on viewing employee records, see Viewing Employee Records. For information on creating and editing employees, see Editing Employee Records. For information on printing employees, see Printing Employee Records.

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