Editing Request State History Records

This help file applies to an out-of-date version of MainBoss.
The most recent version of MainBoss is MainBoss 4.2.4.
For the latest version of this help file can be found here.

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Each time a work request changes its state—for example, when the request is marked as "In Progress"—MainBoss creates a request state history record. The state history records associated with a request tell the history of that request.

You can change the effective date/time that's recorded in a request state history record; if so, this will be the date/time that appears on the request (although MainBoss also records the actual date/time of the state change). You can also record comments for the requestor and comments for maintenance personnel.

On the operations In Progress (With Comment), Close Request (With Comment), Reopen and Void, MainBoss opens a window where you can record comments and other information. The window contains the following:

Number: A read-only field identifying the request.

Current State History State: A read-only field giving the current state of the request.

Current Status History Status: A read-only field giving the current status of the request. For more on request statuses, see Request Status Codes.

Requestor: Read-only fields giving the name and other information about the requestor.

Effective Date: The effective date/time on which the request will enter the new state. Typically, this is the current date/time. However, you may wish to backdate some state changes; for example, if you're closing a request, you might wish to backdate the state change to the date/time when you actually finished work on the request.

User Contact: A read-only field identifying the person who created this history record.

State: A read-only field giving the state that the request will enter once you save this record.

Status: A new status code that you want to assign to this request. Typically, a status code should only be assigned to a request when the request needs attention from someone; otherwise, the status should be blank.

Estimated Completion Date: The date when you expect this request will be completed. If you fill in this field, the information will be displayed in several other records; if this request was created by the MainBoss Service module, the information will also be sent to the requestor.

Comment To Requestor: A comment that should be passed on to the requestor. If you have the MainBoss Service module, this comment will be included in an acknowledgement to the requestor.

Comments: Comments for maintenance personnel only. Presumably, these will explain why the history record needed to be changed.

Save & Close: Saves the current record and closes the editor window. This changes the state of the request.

Close: Closes the window without changing the state of the request.

You can edit some of the information in an existing state history record; for example, you can add comments. To edit a request's state history records, you start from the State History section of the request record. Select the state history record you want to edit, then click Edit.

For more on requests, see Requests. For more on editors in general, see Using Editors.

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