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This help file applies to an out-of-date version of MainBoss.
The most recent version of MainBoss is MainBoss 4.2.4.
For the latest version of this help file can be found here.

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You can examine the contents of an email request (and can add comments to the message) by going to Administration | MainBoss Service | Email Requests and clicking Edit. This opens a window that contains the following:

Details section: Basic information about the request.

Request: The number assigned to the request when it was created.

Receive Date: The date-time the message was received.

Sender Name: The name of the person who submitted the request.

Sender Email Address: The email address of the person who sent the message.

Subject: The subject line from the email.

Processing State: The current state of the request.

Mail Message: The body of the original email message.

Mail Header: The header information associated with the email message. This includes such information as the To: and From: lines.

Comments: An area where you can record comments about the message and/or request.

Email Parts section: Some email messages have multiple parts, a part in plain text and a part in HTML. Messages may also contain attachments; attachments may also have multiple parts, and attachments may have additional attachments.

The Email Parts section consists of a list that has a line for each part of the email. If you click on any line, the right-hand part of the window will show you the contents of the part you selected.

View: Opens a MainBoss window that displays the currently selected email part.

Delete: Deletes the selected email part. Unlike many delete operations in MainBoss, this doesn't just hide the email part; it actually deletes the email part from the MainBoss database. For example, you can use this operation to delete a lengthy attachment from the database, thereby freeing up disk space for other data.

If you delete part of an email message, then try to display the entire message later on, MainBoss does its best to display the message in some kind of readable form. This may mean that MainBoss tries to reconstruct parts you've deleted. The results may not look very good.

View Email Part: Opens a Windows application to display the selected email part. MainBoss chooses the application based on your standard file-type associations. For example, if you select a PDF attachment in the list of email parts, MainBoss will open whatever program you normally use to read PDFs.

This button has a drop-down list containing the following:

Save Email Part: Saves the selected email part to a file. MainBoss will open a standard file selection dialog box to let you specify a file name.

Convert to Email Request: Attempts to convert the selected email part into a MainBoss work request. This option is disabled if the selected part is of a type that can't be converted into a request (e.g. if the part is a JPG). The option is also disabled if a request has already been created from this email.

Search: Lets you search through the list of records for a particular record. For more information, see Searching for a Particular Record. The Search button has an accompanying drop-down list containing the following:

Find Next: Uses the same search condition(s) as your most recent search and finds the next record in the table that matches the condition(s). If the search reaches the end of the table without finding a matching record, it goes to the start of the table and continues the search.

Find Previous: Same as Find Next except that it goes backward in the table. If the search reaches the start of the table without finding a matching record, it goes to the end of the table and continues the search.

Refresh: Updates the list to reflect any recent changes.

For more on MainBoss Service, see The MainBoss Service Module.

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