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The most recent version of MainBoss is MainBoss 4.2.4.
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An attachment is any computer file that you wish to associate with a unit. For example, if you have files containing schematic diagrams or specifications for a piece of equipment, you might specify those as attachments. As another example, if a unit represents a space rented by a tenant, you might attach a file containing your contract with that tenant so that you know exactly what is and isn't covered by the contract.

To see the contents of an attached file, click the link labeled "Path" in the Attachments section of the associated unit record, or click Open Attachment in the editor window.

To add an attachment to a unit record, click New Attachment in the Attachments section of the record. This opens a window containing the following:

Unit: A read-only field identifying the unit.

Code: A name identifying the file. For example, you might use Schematic Diagrams to identify such a file. "Name" does not have to be the actual name of the file; for example, if the file's real name doesn't suggest what the file contains, you can use "Name" to describe the file's purpose and/or contents.

Description: A fuller description of what the file contains.

Path: The name of the file you want to attach. This can be the full name of a file on your computer or network. If you have an Internet connection, it can also be a URL.

For file names, you can either type the name of the file or use the "..." button to locate the file.

Comments: Any comments you wish to record about the file, or about the associated unit.

Save: Saves the current record. The editor window stays open in case you want to make more changes to the same record.

Save & New: Saves the current record and sets up the window for you to enter a new record. Fields in the new record will be blank or set to default values.

Save & Close: Saves the current record and closes the editor window.

Open Attachment: Opens the specified "Path" using whatever program is used for that purpose on your system. For example, if "Path" is a URL, it will be opened with your web browser.

Cancel: Closes the window without saving any changes you've made to the record since the last time you saved. When you Save the record, the Cancel button changes to Close, indicating that you can safely close the window without losing any changes.

Close: Closes the window. This button only appears after you've saved changes with Save or before you've entered any data at all. Otherwise, the button is labeled Cancel.

For more on units, see Units. For more on viewing units, see Viewing Units. For more on editors in general, see Using Editors.

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