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A chart is special type of report that shows information in a graphical way. A chart report consists of one or more bar charts running either vertically or horizontally.

Some charts use different colors to distinguish different types of data on the same chart. For example, preventive maintenance work orders may be shown in a different color than corrective work orders.

Often the Grouping section of a chart report window will determine how chart information is organized. For example, the Costs by Grouping chart shows work order costs organized by whatever option(s) you specify in the Grouping section. If you choose Work Category, costs are broken down by work category; if you choose Unit Location, costs are broken down by location; and so on.

Some data and option selections may lead to charts that are difficult to read. In such cases, we recommend using the Filters section to reduce the amount of data you're trying to show in a single chart. Breaking your data into multiple charts may make the final results easier to understand.

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