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The Benefits of MainBoss for IT Managers

From the perspective of an IT Manager, here's how MainBoss fits into your operations:

Minimum support
  • All MainBoss users have the same software installed on their computers.
  • The MainBoss database is a single set of data files that can be stored on any computer on the network.
  • No special server software needs to be installed or maintained.
  • Backups can be performed within MainBoss itself, creating a single ZIP file containing a complete database. Backing up the ZIP file saves all the data.
  • MainBoss users don't have to be given special privileges (unlike some CMMS products where all users need "administrator" privileges).
Minimum disk space
A typical company uses about 40 megabytes for the database. In addition, each computer where MainBoss runs needs about 9 megabytes for software and documentation.
Minimal training
Typical training is one day for those who will be setting up the system (almost entirely devoted to the process of entering data about maintenance operations) and another day for those who will use the system.